Emily Madison

Emily Madison

Blooming Flower Bath Cushion - Babify - Baby Everything
06.09.2017 11:46


MOMS!!! Did You Know, that babies HATE baths in the COLD SINK? If you are bathing your little ones in the hard tub, cold sink, and or containers, you should really INVEST IN our Blooming Flower Bath Cushion. Our Blooming Flower Bath Cushion makes bath time COMFORTABLE and CONVENIENT for you and your little one!!! GET YOURS TODAY! RIGHT NOW! GET FREE SHIPPING RIGHT NOW!


Warm and Safety
Warm, no longer anxious of the cold water. Warm: The extravagant material is warm and agreeable. Indeed, even vulnerable winter, the child will feel as mother's warm grasp from the infant bath. 

Soft and Comfortable
The material is Delicate and with no hard skeleton. The versatile material can pad the child when touching a hard surface and or object, it will protect the infant. 

Convenient and Useful
Blossoming Bloom Shower Pad can be utilized straightforwardly in the tub, no bending, no blur, rich hues to pick, Machine drying, simple washing, simple to dry and never mold.

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