Emily Madison

Emily Madison

How Phone Calls Can Improve Customer Satisfaction
10.10.2017 16:21



A famous and regularly cited scientific study carried out in 1967 discovered that people’s tone of voice is actually a lot more important than the actual words they say when it comes to verbal communication.

Surprisingly, this study found that a person’s body language accounts for more than half (55%) of the actual meaning in a conversation, with tone of voice making up over a third (38%). As it turns out, the actual words we speak don’t make up much of the total communication – only 7% in fact. This is where the old saying, “It’s not what you say, but the way you say it” comes from.

This infographic explains numerous key points related to tone of voice and shows us how many of the world’s most successful companies have greatly improved their customer communication channels by embracing the power of voice tone, leading to much improved business practices and a stark increase in customer satisfaction levels.


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